We support the creation of futureproof organizational cultures

We help you create a futureproof organizational culture!

Come&Grow is a team (and network) of senior consultants who love discovering their customers’ real needs. Our insights, our solutions will transform your organizational and leadership culture which leads to higher organizational adaptability, employee engagement and sustainable business results. With our business experience and consulting expertise, we will not only teach you new mindsets, skillsets, toolsets but also bring them to life…

Culture Consulting

Creating and developing a futureproof organizational culture are among the most important challenges companies face today. Developing the culture is not a ’nice to have’ task, but the key to executing the organizational strategy. For most leaders it is really hard to grasp what they would need to do every day to facilitate an organizational culture that improves employee engagement, builds trust, help with adaptability or even contribute to the creation of an attractive employer brand.

We at Come&Grow break down the culture into tangible elements, help the organizations identify areas for intervention with our workshop-based diagnostic method. We can develop several areas of organizational culture like leadership, trust, productivity, engagement, change management, well-being, innovation as well as setting and achieving goals. Beyond the traditional organizational development methods, we often use the toolkit of modern positive psychology backed by scientific research.

Creating the Culture of Change

Mastering the art of change is now a critical competitive advantage or even a survival tool for each and every organization. Organizations live in the world of never-ending change. Organizational, economic, social change is ubiquitous in today’s fast-paced environment like never before in history. This change is prevalent, constant and won’t stop, as according to scientists, the next ten years will bring more change than the last forty combined. Although disruptive change is the new normal across all industries, as human beings we are hard-wired to resist change. So it is not a big surprise that with old change management methods only 30 percent of new initiatives achieve lasting results. It’s time to work on your change culture!

Our team can help you build a culture that embraces thriving on change, which is a necessary investment in a world of constant chaos. Mature change culture, change agility, change readiness, adaptability, resilience are the latest management buzzwords, but for a good reason. Help your leaders and employees become more flexible, quick, adaptable, resilient and collaborative.

We strongly believe that we need to think about change differently. As change in the 21st century isn’t predictable anymore, instead of the formal side of change management (projects, policies, procedures, systems, etc.), the focus shifted to change leadership (culture, values, vision, paradigms, competencies, etc.).

We use a concept that incorporates insights from neuroscience research, modern leadership principles and considers 21st century workplace dynamics and realities.

We give your leaders the needed mindset, toolsets, skillsets, which will help them support their teams through all types of changes regardless of their size or nature.

Creating a Learning Culture

Learning is ranked as a top organizational challenge by all future-research organizations. As young job seekers mention learning opportunities as a primary motivator for joining an organization, learning can also be linked easily to other top priorities as retention, recruitment, branding, change readiness etc. Despite the above listed facts, companies still think about employee learning as something that happens in a classroom delivered by a trainer. Managers have come to believe that some good trainings can solve all employee and leadership development issues. This thought is more than outdated!

In today’s business environment each organization that wants to survive, adopt to constant change and remain successful needs to develop a culture that supports learning deeply and profoundly.

Come&Grow can give you a roadmap to help you get from training culture to learning culture. We also support you with tools and methods that help you easily implement the elements of a learning culture in your organization.

Leadership Culture

In the knowledge worker age, lack of a mature leadership culture impacts your business in several ways. It can result in high employee turnover, lost productivity, low morale, absenteeism, etc. Each organization knows that educating leaders is a must, however we rarely see a well-defined leadership development strategy executed in practice.

Come&Grow can help you create and implement your leadership strategy. Together with our strategic partner FranklinCovey we are also able to support you with 21st century leadership programs, which will bring you measurable, quick benefits in all areas of your organization. With our wide-ranging content we can create learning paths from talent to executive level.

Organizations need resilient leaders more than ever. To foster resilience, leaders need immediate support at a personal, team and organizational levels.

Resilience, adaptability, managing remote teams, remote collaboration, constant change leadership, digital life, permanent home office, work-life balance are just a few examples from the list of challenges leaders struggle with. Most managers need quick support in being better leaders during ambiguity, learning how to identify and secure the necessary resources for their teams, and how to better connect their teams and direct reports with others to develop skills and get more resources.

Come&Grow has quick, practical, solution-focused answers, but we also teach your leaders how to find answers to questions that haven’t been asked before.

We at Come&Grow (20+ accredited senior coaches) refuse to limit ourselves to any one of the hundreds of popular definitions of coaching exclusively. We believe coaching is a tool. It is a complex organizational strategy to develop the thinking patterns, personalities, abilities of clients to mobilize their resources and potential to solve business issues, organizational challenges and personal difficulties.

During the business coaching processes we do not hold fast to any one particular coaching method, nor rely just on “pure” coaching. The majority of management topics require more than “simple” Q&A sessions or mirroring, so we openly rely on our wide array of know-how and experience-based consultancy tools. The methods, professional backgrounds and presentation mannerisms of our specialists may differ and cover a broad spectrum, yet none of them will shy away from acute and honest feedback, provocative questions, or seemingly unpleasant situations. We do this by focusing on the client’s own potential to grow, by using lots of humor, and showing absolute respect to the client.

Our business coaching service is provided as individual and group coaching as well. Group coaching (with 3 to 6 people) also fundamentally focuses on personal development, where the group serves as an important resource and support in the process.

Our extensive coach network is capable of handling up to 100 coaching processes simultaneously, without capacity problems.

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Leadership is a profession, and only a few can master the altered, 21st century version with its basic practical and theoretical foundational principles. Yet every executive has to face the challenges of our knowledge-based society on a constant basis.
In our team’s experience, today’s leaders need highly practical, quick, hands-on advice in overcoming their daily challenges. In our thematic group coaching series we mix consultancy with group coaching methods. The wisdom of the group and the consultant with a coaching mindset can move every leadership challenge towards a solution-focused path. The topics of the sessions can be aligned with the leadership strategy.

We believe that organizational and team culture is shaped by the attitude and behavior of its CEO in several ways. Organizational culture is a cutting edge leverage, so within the field of business coaching, executive coaching is particularly important.

The conscious decision-making ability and maturity of a CEO or a C-level executive can be well detected by their dedication (both financial and time-wise) to enhancing the skills and personalities of their own executives. At the C level, we pay extra attention to not only strengthening highest-level executive leadership skills and competencies or broaden executive methods, but to the development of self-knowledge and self-awareness as well. It is indispensable to get a third-party opinion, and the help and feedback from a completely independent person. At this level it is rather difficult and rare to hear unbiased and honest opinions, while the conduct and performance of top executives have a strong effect on every level of the organization.

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To ensure client success with business coaching processes we worked out a quick and client-friendly way of cooperation.

Sometimes leaders need immediate assistance when a challenge or difficulty arises. A crucial meeting, productivity issue, or hard feedback often cannot wait until a coaching process can start – which may take months following a classic selection procedure. Coaching Line is a solution-focused telephone (or personal) coaching support available within 48 hours! Coaching – thanks to the previous acquaintance with the coaches – can be arranged at short notice, therefore it can provide immediate solutions to, for example, the announcement of a change, the resolution of a conflict, the preparation of a presentation.

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High Performing Team Culture

Come&Grow believes that teams are the most important entity in any organization. Every kind of development in a group format should always affect the whole team. The team should be empowered to actively create and shape all aspects of their culture.

Facilitating trainings about high performing teams only to leaders is outdated. The team, teams should actively participate in transforming, enriching their lives.

Based on the discovered need, we can apply team coaching, workshops, action learning. If it’s our choice, we mix it all up.

Come&Grow can give you a roadmap to help you get from training culture to learning culture. We also support you with tools and methods that help you easily implement the elements of a learning culture in your organization.

Getting all your teams, business units, functions to collaborate and cooperate can create tremendous value. Collaboration melts away organizational barriers and silos in order to achieve shared goals. Results include fewer conflicts, more synergy, faster, better decision-making and decreased time-to-market, and increased productivity.

We facilitate highly interactive, deeply honest, solution-focused workshops. Participants will take steps to solve their current problems, learn constructive conflict resolution techniques and how to make their culture, environment and tools more collaborative.

Action Learning is a process that involves a small group working on real problems, taking action, and learning as individuals, as a team, and as an organization. It helps organizations and teams develop creative, flexible, and successful strategies to deal with pressing problems. Action Learning is a process of insightful questioning and reflective listening. Action Learning solves problems and develops people and the team simultaneously as its simple rules force team members to focus, pay attention to each other, think critically, and work collaboratively.

Action learning has proven to be highly effective at improving team cohesion and in delivering a long-term return on investment.

In today’s organizations diversity is really common in teams and can manifest in several different ways. Diverse teams usually either deliver outstanding function and performance, or underperform. If the team and its leadership have the required mindset, toolset and skillset to create synergy out of diversity, the team flourishes. Cultural, national, religious differences cannot be neglected.

Come&Grow can support your diverse team in a development process to create a synergistic, integrative, high performing culture. We help you create awareness of how our brains function regarding differences, make sure that the team learns about the differences and backgrounds of each different group and finally we help create win-win team norms.

Organizational development for teams is a type of team building. It is the process of helping a work group become more effective in accomplishing their tasks and in satisfying the needs of the group member and their clients as well.

We often recommend this format of development after a skill training, in case of missing results, high employee turnover, increased conflicts or amidst of an organizational change.

Our focus is twofold: to get tangible results and to teach the team how to implement continuous OD tools in their daily lives within their circle of influence.

Soft Competencies in Hard Workshops

We believe that soft is hard and hard is soft! Come&Grow considers the classic soft skills training portfolio outdated and it should be modified in content, in methods and in the way of implementation.

We devise tailor-made soft skill solutions to bridge our clients’ identified competency gaps. We focus on meta competencies of the 21st century and teach them in a way that each participant can implement immediately.

Our highlights:

Those who keep track of trends in management and organizational and personality development have likely experienced the growing popularity of the “mindfulness movement” – one could even say that it is becoming a fashion.

Mindfulness is a skill that serves as the foundation of the development of numerous abilities and competencies. By developing the competency of mindfulness we are enabled to change our psychological functioning, raise the level of our consciousness of the present moment, identify and change our habits, reduce stress, develop our emotional intelligence, and increase our productivity and creativity. Ultimately, by developing the level of our mindfulness, we are facilitating and fostering the increase of our personal wellbeing.

Come&Grow’s mindfulness programs are available in numerous forms:

  • Mindfulness @ work and anywhere else introductory workshop
  • Mindfulness @ work and anywhere else 8-weeks workplace consciousness developmental program
  • Mindfulness teaser
  • Mindfulness-based emotional intelligence workshop
  • Mindfulness-based stress-reduction workshop
  • Mindful leadership

You can watch the video about our introductory workshop here.

It is a common paradigm that our well-being primarily depends on our external circumstances, personal abilities, or our environment. Positive psychology, however, contradicts this statement with hundreds of studies. The experience of well-being can be created, and we can fundamentally influence it with our conscious behaviour, actions, view of life, motivations, and the quality of our human relationships and presence. The capacity for well-being can be brought into awareness and developed.

The quality of personal well-being experienced at the workplace is also one of the foundations of a company that functions in a sustainable and innovative manner.

The Come&Grow team is dedicated to the application of the scientific findings from positive psychology in modern management and organizational development. In times of change it is more important than ever before.

The personal well-being programs of Come&Grow are available in multiple forms:

Resilience based on personal well-being

  • Well-being @ work and anywhere else introductory workshop
  • Well-being @ work and anywhere else leadership workshop
  • Happiness lectures
  • Well-being @ work and anywhere else as a member of Generation Y and Z
  • Complex organizational development with the methodology of positive psychology
  • Thematic coaching program for burnout prevention

Economic, technological, societal changes force us to work on our adaptability. Companies need employees who are open to new ideas, flexible enough to fight in challenging situations, recover quickly from shocks caused by change and able to cope with new, unplanned circumstances.

Adaptability is the ability of an individual, team or organization to adjust or change itself to best meet the needs of the environment or the given situation. This meta-competency is one of the most important abilities in all organizations around the globe.

The adaptability programs of Come&Grow are available in multiple forms:

  • Adaptability@work and anywhere else
  • Adaptive Leadership
  • Increasing team adaptability

In the age of robots and artificial intelligence, one of the last competitive advantages of humans is our ability to build deep relationships. Interpersonal, social intelligence refers to the ability of a person to relate well with people and manage relationships effectively. It helps leaders and team members to understand the needs and motivations of those around them, which boosts their effectiveness, strengthens their overall influence and supports their well-being. Interpersonal intelligence helps people integrate and easily adapt to all social situations in good, bad or simply changing times.

People with this meta-competency are characterized by their sensitivity to other people’s moods, temperaments, motivations and feelings, so they communicate effectively and enjoy participating in discussions and debates.

Our team believes that with developing interpersonal intelligence, your leaders and their teams can multiply their results and increase their well-being.

In a globally connected world cross-cultural competency has become an important skill for all employees, not just those who have to operate in geographically distributed environments.  Organizations increasingly see diversity as a driver of innovation.

Cross cultural competence is an ability to operate in a different cultural setting. Appropriate linguistic skills are a required minimum, but also adaptability to changing circumstances and an ability to sense and respond to new contexts are vital. Successful employees within these diverse teams need to be able to identify and communicate points of connection (shared goals, priorities, values) that transcend their differences and enable them to build relationships and to work together effectively.

Come&Grow can support all your employees to play an active role in a diverse environment.

Research has proven that our mindset plays a much greater role than talents in whether or not we accomplish our goals and dreams. The growth mindset explains why talent is not the only factor in achieving success. Mindsets refers to the beliefs that we hold about our abilities, whether we think they are set in stone (fixed mindset) or can be cultivated (growth mindset).

The good news is that mindsets and beliefs can be shaped with development programs even more easily than abilities.

Our program will help your employees create, strengthen and maintain a growth mindset in every aspect of their lives.