Since 2007 various executives, institutions, and organizations that all are committed to growth, innovation and renewal in industry and in the public sector have hired the team of COME&GROW (in the framework of TRC Innovation Service Center) to be their consulting partner.

We are leading experts in organizational and individual development. We are managing processes in several industries, for numerous Hungarian and multinational firms, big and small. We will always find the answers with our clients, together. We are firmly committed to a shared creative effort, which is the only token of lasting success and a respectable track record. We believe that our clients shall enjoy the process of jointly orchestrated change. We want to provide real values encapsulated in quantifiable results.

All individuals and any team need to surpass run-of-the-mill solutions and ingrained habits – this is the professional challenge that fires us up. Change and the possibility of personal improvement shall come to those who overcome their fears, take risks, and resort to a professional team to help set them in motion.


Our team members come from different walks of life.
Our experiences, qualifications, age cover a broad spectrum. We come from different occupations specialize and excel in different areas, are motivated by different paradigms, and perhaps even have different beliefs, in small ways. However, since we have shared goals, shared values, development principles, we will mobilize synergies to teach and coherently foster creative collaboration.

Dr. Judit Szilágyi
Dr. Judit Szilágyiconsultant, executive coach, managing director
I am motivated by the same thing, whether I am a consultant, a coach, a trainer, or a human rights activist. The same thing powers me up for work: I have a firm belief that everyone can sort out their problems themselves, can take ownership of their life and deeds, and is capable of living a well-balanced happy life. People often need external help and support. Understanding this need and being ready to reach out is not weakness. It is a sign of personal maturity.

As a personal coach – I primarily work with executive managers. I deploy my coaching toolkit to enable them to find and use their often buried competences. I help them understand that their possibilities are endless. I help them enjoy change and the creative joy in it so that they can see a possibility to develop in every difficulty they face. My method is asking, relentlessly, to challenge the status quo. My style is humor. My tool is trust. The key to my powers is unending learning and my faith is in Man.

Ági Mihalik
Ági Mihalikconsultant, head of operations
I have always been drawn to behavioral sciences, human interactions, cause and effect relationships. I have a background in philology and economics, however I found organizational development consulting and coaching the areas where I can realize potential and have an impact.

What I consider to be the cornerstone of every kind of cooperation are mutual respect and acceptance of the fact that we are experts at different things and we have different strengths. Nevertheless we can grow with the help of each other, and it’s worth utilizing. This outside perspective is what I as a consultant add to the existing organizational resources. I believe sometimes one must stop and look around in order to understand, change and continue forward.

I am firmly convinced that we are the ones that can do the most for our own goals. I believe in our own circle of influence and responsibility, and in the power of wanting to grow. To learn continuously, getting better and better in comparison with ourselves and not others, in order to be able to appreciate the little pleasures in life. To observe, experience, grow.

Csilla Gyetvai
Csilla Gyetvaiconsultant, coach
“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Lao Tzu

I believe that every change starts out from the inside and each development process is unique. Be it with organizations or individuals, high quality trainings, excellent theoretical models, well-tried systems fail while someone attempts to force it on themselves as a one-size-fits-all solution due to outside pressure.

As a consultant I believe that instead of well-tried cliches, only a development process tailored to the characteristics of the individual or the organization can bring about real, lasting change.

No matter if the journey is 5, 20, 500 or 1000 miles long, I support my clients in excellent execution to work towards their goals making use of my two decades of international experience in upper HR management and several years working as a trainer and consultant.
Due to my professional experience diverse in industries and company sizes, I gladly connect with agile clients in all sectors. The cornerstones of my being are trust, shared victories and professional credibility, and keys to success are my practical perspective and my „impossible is nothing” attitude.

Alexandra Kálmán-Groh
Alexandra Kálmán-Grohconsultant, coach
“We are diamonds taking shape”
This line from a rock song represents my credo. I have a strong belief that we all have our special talents, and the potential to grow and give our best.

Based on my 20+ years of experience gained in big multinational companies, as a leader, L&D professional, trainer and coach I believe that learning is key to sustainable growth. Investing in developing their employees brings various results to organizations such as satisfying work experience, high level of employee engagement and customer satisfaction, achieving financial and business goals.

My expertise is to help our clients to execute their development strategies and build a competent, empowered and engaged workforce in a fast-changing environment. As a trainer and coach, I support individuals and teams to enhance their personal and professional effectiveness. My corporate background enables me to easily “put myself in my clients’ shoes”. My style is supportive and challenging at the same time.

What I enjoy most in my work is that through our creative cooperation my clients “take their shape” and GROW.

Tamás Schieszler
Tamás Schieszlerconsultant, executive coach
I have gained 10 years of practical experience in IT, also in different management roles including a COO position, with MBA qualifications. I started my consulting career in 2003, and since 2007 I have also been working as a coach.

In my job, I apply and develop my skills as an executive and team coach, strategic consultant, programme and project manager. I find it important to acquire and maintain credible professional qualifications that foster continuous learning, therefore I possess an internationally recognised coach (PCC, Professional Certified Coach) and project manager (PMP, Project Management Professional) credential as well.

Daily I support people whose success depends on the efficacy of their leadership team. As a coach I work with a context relevant, conscious application of a wide range of interventions techniques on the scale from mindfulness presence without judgement to sharing personal opinion. I mostly apply solution-focused, gestalt, and systemic coaching tools.

One of my most exciting current projects is discovering and applying coaching and cultural change methods that improve personal well-being at the workplace, based on the actual results of positive psychology.

Dr. Zsuzsanna Füzesi
Dr. Zsuzsanna Füzesiconsultant, executive coach
I first graduated as a medical doctor and I also hold a degree in sociology. I pursue an academic career simultaneously with being a professional advisor. My research topics have given me the leverage that bolster my standing as a trainer. Academia, just like professional consultancy, require constant training, presence, activity and open-mindedness as well as the ability to raise unorthodox questions. I support talented youth in embarking upon their career paths and become an accomplished professional. Part of my credo is that I can only be a good senior research fellow and trainer when my team members surpass me.

I have learnt to respect people who come to seek my help. I know that facts offer a multitude of interpretations and that interventions may vary. Just like a physician will need a cooperating patient, trainers and consultants will also have to respect the autonomy of their clients. I have gathered in-depth understanding of people and society, and I know that individuals and organizations will have to strive to excel and have a meaningful private life at the same time.


We are offering personal and group coaching, training sessions, complex organization development processes. Our varied work experiences afford us the tools for numerous approaches, methods and conceptual apparatus can easily be integrated in their application. The personalities and the encounters of the client and the consultant as well as the organizational culture will define the specific approach.

Cooperation with clients is built upon the following mission statement:

  • We trust the ability of every person and organization to make fundamental changes;
  • We help every client to find his own way to fulfillment;
  • We support clients in understanding and overcoming challenges;
  • We keep challenging every standard response and the status quo;
  • We leave the comfort zone behind and encourage novel solutions;
  • We deepen the awareness of our paradigms;
  • We expose the possibilities in every challenge;
  • We show the power of being practice oriented;
  • We use lots of humor;
  • We respect and value differences;
  • We provide a framework for change;
  • We educate and we learn.


The Come&Grow team provides free assistance, development and training services to SUHANJ! Alapítvány, a foundation dedicated to help people with physical and mental disabilities.

The mission of SUHANJ!

[Run!] Foundation:

We share the joy of motion with people with physical and mental disabilities.