Organizations today face new challenges and change constantly, which forms the entirety of the organizational culture.What we have seen, however, is that corporate learning and development is still a sacred cow of the companies, in spite of its severe anomalies. Innovation is really slow to take hold. It is increasingly urgent for each and every organization to change their training culture. The unpredictability of the environment, the need for quick adaptation to change, the rapid pace of technological development, workforce shortages, the altered requirements of the millennial generation or even digital transformation together make restructuring organizational development inevitable.

Our conference was centered around the topic of what tools and methods leaders and HR professionals can apply in order to change their company’s learning and development culture and how to create a real 21st century ‘learning culture’. Beside showing innovative learning methods and tools we put great emphasis on the steps needed to create the culture. Prominent players of the consulting sector and committed leaders of multinational companies presented their own experiences and their own innovative solutions.